Lancaster, OH Quality Used Auto Parts

Lancaster Auto Recycling Inc.

Lancaster Auto Recycling Inc. of Lancaster, OH has nearly 1500 vehicles per year for dismantling. Lancaster Auto Recycling environmentally dismantles vehicles and recycles for re-use only the tested good quality parts. The rest of the vehicle is processed for materials including steel, iron, aluminum, copper, fluids and refrigerant. These raw materials will be recycled for new uses.

We have been green for nearly 75 years. Here is your chance to go green too! Buy recycled auto parts and save money and your planet.

We Offer:

Quality used engines are a sound investment in your automobile. Because we acquire only the best inventory available, you can rest assured that our engines will keep your vehicle running great for years to come. We test every engine that we sell and include a standard warranty. In addition all of our engines come steam cleaned and can be delivered or shipped virtually anywhere.

Contact Lancaster Auto Recycling Inc. today at 800-860-1297.

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